I've always had an interest in social media and market research. I find it fascinating how the consumer mind functions as well as how the concept of media is actively changing each and every day. I've dedicated my time and resources to advance my knowledge in web analytics & digital media and to understand how they co-relate in the world of marketing. Additionally, I often utilize my time in an innovative space; creating video-based content and occasionally, written materials.

When it's time for something new, you will feel it. You will feel a desire to let go, to shed layers, to move, to re-create. You will know because there will be subtle shifts all around you. You will release the old because you are really clearing the path for what's ahead. Trust this process. Know that life does not take from us anything unless there is something else imminently awaiting its replacement.

Brianna Wiest

Google Analytics Analysis

Analytical data research completed during a Web Analytics undergraduate certification course using The Google Merchandise Store.

Pure Genesis

An upcoming woman minority-own patient organization in the industry of medical cannabis. My position as, Director of Communication, involves but not limited to:

  • Brand strategy development
  • Content development
  • Website and social media maintenance
  • Outlook planning

Writing Samples

Various written work completed in a variety of media-related undergraduate courses.